FIVE essence aims at improving and maintaining the quality of our life. Containing only natural ingredients - five selected fruits of impeccable qualities -, it can be an ideal supplement of any health-conscious lifestyle, including but not limited to vegetarian and other special diets. This deluxe delicacy was created by taking into account the most recent scientific results to meet a wide range of consumer demands. Our FIVE essence products are.

This premium product contains the concentrates of 5 types of inspected fruits in a specially proportioned form:

FIVE essence does not contain any artificial additives, preservatives or flavor and texture enhancers. Its gel consistency is achieved through using apple pectin as a thickening agent during production. Its sweetness derives from no additional fructose, but from the genuine taste of the five fruits we have carefully selected. Its fruit content is an indisputable 99%. You could not desire a dietary supplement to concentrate the pure power of fruit ingredients in such a definite, but subtle way as FIVE essence does. It completes our health-conscious diet and helps to heighten the quality of our life as an absolutely natural, practical, and tasty, deluxe delicacy.

Due to its pure, but complex, uniquely proportioned, novel composition, it is intended to support our health in various ways. The gel consistency provides it with a prebiotic nature, the presence of polyphenols (flavonoids), ellagitannins, antocyanidins and carotenoids endows it with antioxidant effects, as a source of essential vitamins, it may prevent the emergence and support the treatment of different health problems, but most importantly, the synergy between its ingredients makes FIVE essence more effective than other dietary supplements containing only one active agent.

The consumption of FIVE essence supports the health of those leading a stressful, physically and/or mentally demanding lifestyle, the developing system of the young and the healthy aging of the elderly.

Monde Selection Award 2018

Every year 70 international experts taste and test products from all over the world in a completely independent way. We are very happy that our product just won the Grand Gold Quality Award, which is the most prestigious recognition award. From more than 400 contestants we received the Prize of the Jury Award as the No°1 product from the Diet & Health Products category. We are proud that we got these in the very first year of our operation.

This shows that our product has a world-class quality and we are on the right way!