What is a dietary supplement?
A dietary supplement is a product intended for ingestion that contains a „dietary ingredient” intended to add further nutritional value to the diet. A dietary ingredient may be one or any combination of the following: vitamin, mineral, herb or other botanical, animo acid, extract, concentrate, metabolite or constituent.

Why do we need any supplement?
Since, the world has been going through a lot of changes, our life also. In our age, the effects are way different than two or three decades ago. We have a totally different lifestyle, including sports and nutritional intake also. Nowadays, people try to eat healthier, but the fruits and vegetables do not contain as much nutrients as before. FIVE essence helps people to take the optional nutrients and makes it easier than ever.

Why is it different from ordinary jams and gels?
Ordinary jams and other gels contain a lot of sugar and to keep the density, these usually contain added preservatives. Moreover these products are usually made from one type of fruit. In our product we use pectin (from apple) to get the perfect gel consistency and FIVE essence does not contain any added preservatives or sugar. Instead of these, we use 5 different fruits to help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Can it substitute fresh fruits?
We believe in diverse and healthy nutrition, but nowadays the fruits do not contain as much nutrients as before (as we mentioned at the first response), so our product makes it easier to take the vitamins and flavonoids that we need. It is more convenient to take the optional mixture of the nutrients with just a spoon a day.

How much can I consume safely?
Our product contains 100% organic ingredients, so even if you take a triple amount of the recommended dose, you will not experience any side effect. The recommended dose is one or two teaspoons per day for an adult with normal physical and mental activity.

When can I consume it?
We recommend to eat it after breakfast and/or in the afternoon also. Our body has the highest stress level at around 2 o’clock, so after lunch it can help to re-energise our body.
We do not recommend to eat it in the morning before breakfast because of the acids of our body.

How long does one jar/bag of sachets last?
It depends on the amount of your consumption, but it lasts for a month if we take the recommended quantity.

Can I consume FIVE essence while I am pregnant/breastfeeding?
It is recommended not to consume any supplements except prenatal vitamins before the 12th week of pregnancy, until the organs of the baby are properly developed. However, after the 12th week, and during breastfeeding, FIVE essence can be consumed safely. Even more, due to the product’s antioxidant effects, its consumption is recommended to support the healthy development of the brain and other organs of the baby. Positive effects on both the mother and the child provided by a natural, delicious, deluxe dietary supplement…

Can children consume the product?
From the age of 3, from young children through the youth to the elderly, anyone can consume FIVE essence safely, irrespective of age. The recommended daily dosage however depends on both age and the overall health state of the person in question.

Does FIVE essence contain any allergens?
Our dietary supplement contains no allergens. Yet, those people who are sensitive to berries should not consume FIVE essence, since allergic reactions can be caused by the essential berry ingredients of the product.

Does it contain added sugars/sweeteners?
FIVE essence contains no added sugar or any other sweetening substance. Its sweetness derives from no additional fructose, but from the genuine taste of the five fruits we have carefully selected. The ingredients combine glucose and fructose in the proper proportion; adding any other artificial sweetener would be entirely superfluous. So, we at FIVE essence decided not to do so…

I have diabetes, can I consume the product?
Diabetes is a complex health issue and has more than one variants, each of which require cautious nutrition. However, according to the scientific advisor of our company, people having diabetes can consume the product safely, and it will even help to control blood sugar. In addition, in the case of type 2 diabetes, FIVE essence can contribute to reduce insulin resistance…

Is FIVE essence a kind of medicine? Can it cure my…? Can it improve my health state?
Since FIVE essence is a dietary supplement, not a medicine, it cannot be consumed with the expectation of curing one’s health problems and diseases. It does not heal, it helps. We can rely on it as a stable dietary supplement that supports the healthy functioning of organs and cells in the human body.

Can this supplement help me losing weight?
Weight control belongs to the top health issues today in every part of the world. Due to bad eating habits, changed physical demands and harmful environmental impacts, a major segment of modern societies suffers from being overweight, obesity or different metabolic syndromes like high blood sugar or blood pressure. By concentrating the positive antioxidant effects of the 5 fruit ingredients, FIVE essence can have an essential role in helping to control weight. Complement your health-conscious diet with a natural and supreme way of ‘weight supervision’.

Can I use it for culinary practices? Cooking, baking, spreading…?
When exposed to high temperature, for example cooking or baking, that is, heating, the nutritional values of FIVE essence will decrease significantly. However, you can add it to your morning yoghurt, spread it on top of your cake at lunch, or your whole-grain bread at dinner. This way, you can only expect the enhanced beneficial effects of your base meal boosted by those of this deluxe dietary supplement.