At FIVESS we are aiming at supporting health and health-conscious lifestyle on a global, at the highest level. FIVE essence ensures the natural sources necessary for conscious health support, decreasing negative lifestyle and environmental impacts through the consumption of fruits in the appropriate amount and quality.

According to WHO recommendations, we should consume at least 400 g of fruits and vegetables per day to ensure the healthy functioning of our body (Diet, nutrition and the prevention of chronic diseases. Report of a joint FAO/WHO Expert consultation, Geneva, World Health Organization, 2003, WHO Technical Report Series, No. 916). By the regular consumption of FIVE essence, you can simply and fully cover the recommended amount of daily fruit intake and can personally contribute to the protection of your health in a subtle, practical and absolutely natural way.

FIVE essence is a niche novelty in the field of dietary supplementation since its consumption not only fulfils the commonly known requirement of the ’5 A Day scheme’ of fruit intake, but, by bearing extremely high nutritional values and exerting the beneficial synergistic effects of the 5 fruit sources, it exceeds the efficiency of capsules and pills containing isolated ingredients. With this supreme product in our hands, we wish to renew modern dietary supplementation.

Our goal at FIVESS is to spread our premium-quality fruit-based product to different corners of the world. In reaching this purpose, we have the help of a 23-year-old family enterprise, which manufactures the product and which has been so far recognized by about 30 national and international awards.

We wish FIVE essence to be evaluated in different places of the world as it has outstanding qualities and deserves to receive quality awards in its category.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to be among the first to market this world-class product with a global success potential!