The merit of FIVE essence is in the details which make our product more of a deluxe delicacy than an ordinary dietary supplement. From the harvest of the fruits, through production to putting the final touches to the design, we insist that at every step we use only the finest in order to ensure the excellence of our products. Only by devoting ourselves to this principle can we create our dietary supplements of supreme quality.

FIVE essence is manufactured in a production plant which is owned and operated by a well-working Hungarian enterprise. It is an original Hungarian innovation. We have been dealing with manufacturing of dietary supplements for 23 years, and thus have gathered enough experience and recognition in the field to develop our premium product called FIVE essence.

Starting with the sources, we pay special attention to select suppliers that can provide our plant with naturally ripened and harvested ingredients to evade the negative effects of artificial ripening. We work only with sources of the finest quality, with the highest possible nutritional values. These standards do not lower but are rising through constant quality control, inspection, and improvements until finalized in the form of a supreme supplement.

Our production technologies and the final products are under constant monitoring so that we can supply our customers and ensure safety and reliability at the same time. Our plant operates in compliance with the regulations of the ISO22000 Food Safety Standards and observing all requirements of the HACCP system. Our products are also Kosher and Halal certified.

FIVE essences in one jar

Concentrating the beneficial effects of five selected fruits of impeccable qualities - aronia, black currant, pomegranate, apple and prickly pear - this deluxe delicacy covers the recommended amount of monthly fruit intake if consumed regularly. All the essential ingredients are in the jar. The only thing you need is a spoonful of FIVE essence with which you can provide the necessary complementation of your health-conscious diet in a simple but supreme way.

FIVE essences in one sachet